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Protect your investment.

Hemp can be a valuable crop to help farmers with environmental sustainability and economic success. Sadly, in 2018, over 7% of hemp crops grown in Wisconsin under the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) program were “hot” – they reported over 0.3% THC. With many states transitioning to USDA regulations and oversight, that risk of going “hot” has never been higher. 

Accurate testing can help you learn the characteristics of your crop(s) sooner. Ideally, with weekly testing starting just after first bloom, you can use high quality information to make confident, informed decisions about when to harvest, what to plant next year and how to get the most value out of your land, crop and effort.

Wondering about what to expect from your end of season compliance testing results? Get your end or season or general crop monitoring results from us FAST.


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Protect your reputation.

Are you interested in CBD and THC content in your CBD oil products? Protect your reputation and avoid confusion with clear testing.     

Have products you formulated or want to verify what is present in your product? Our analysis can provide you detailed information that drives informed decisions, so you can optimize your investment.

Sadly, as much as 70% of all CBD products out there are inaccurately labeled. VerdaSure uses the most accurate testing methodology to give you dependable results so you can be confident in your product and build your reputation.




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Advance Science, Modernize Medicine.

Curious about the effects of THC or CBD?  Need a reputable lab to assist in your studies?  Help grow the industry by discovering new or unpublished findings around the effects of CBD and THC.  Who knows what we may find, but what we may discover together could change and improve peoples quality of life.  With our Medical Toxicology background, we can assist with clinical trials and have experience partnering with academic research centers. 

VerdaSure uses the most accurate testing methodology to give you dependable results so you can be confident in your research.




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