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Worried about a hot crop?
Curious about the characteristics and changes of your hemp crop over time?
Interested in learning how different farming techniques and microclimates affect your harvest?
Making oil products and want to deliver the highest certainty and quality every time?

We ARE VerdaSure. We will give you the data to give you knowledge, security and peace of mind.





For over a decade, doctors and clinics have trusted our labs and methods to analyze complex chemistry. Now let us apply our practices and scientific knowledge to help you better understand and manage your crop!

We built our methodology and process to mirror the State of Wisconsin’s laboratory, so we are confident that we can deliver the most accurate results for both THC and CBD in preparation for your ‘fit for commerce’ certificate.  With the transition to USDA requirements, VerdaSure remains to be a leading partner for education, advocacy and reliability.

You have choices in testing. Since our methodology was the same used by the State of Wisconsin, you can be confident that we deliver the most accurate results for both THC and CBD. Our experience will give you the most responsive service. And our step by step process will give you an easy way to keep an eye on your crops!

For processors, VerdaSure conducts the most accurate testing to ensure clear and reliable oil product results. Build your reputation for quality CBD products with us!

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