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We make testing your Hemp product easier and faster.

Don’t let risk put the value of your hemp in danger. Get THC and CBD potency testing to monitor your crops, value your harvest, and confirm compliance.

Are you a hemp grower interested in reducing your risk of a hot crop?

Are you a processor interested in confidently labeling your CBD oil products?

Are you thinking about getting into hemp growing or CBD processing?

At VerdaSure, we use our medical-grade facility to help you test your hemp crops and CBD oils with accurate, responsive and easy testing solutions.

One of the main benefits of the reintroduction of hemp growing is the value that hemp crops can bring to growers – economically and environmentally. Three elements have supported hemp growing: the legalization of hemp in the 2014 Farm Bill, the addition of the 2018 Farm Bill, and moves by states to support local farm success through hemp. Still, strict regulations require growers to harvest cannabis plants before a tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) level of 0.3% – or they will have a “hot crop” and the entire crop will need to be destroyed. At VerdaSure, we use our medical facility to help growers and processors know what’s in their hemp and CBD oil products with accurate, responsive and easy testing solutions.

Our testing kits

You need test results that are accurate, so we use the most robust technology available to deliver both accuracy and precision.

You definitely don’t want a hot crop, so we commit to being responsive and sending you your results within 2-business-days (after sample receipt)You are busy. So we provide multi-test kits and comprehensive instructions to make life as easy as we can!

As Wisconsin transitions to a USDA regulated program, and the USDA releasing their Final Rule on Hemp, VerdaSure has taken all the necessary measures to remain compliant as an analytical lab.  Trust in VerdaSure, a DEA approved lab, to provide you with your final end of season Certificate of Analysis.


Our Featured Product

Did you know hemp varieties and growing conditions impact crop development and timing to harvest?

5-Pack Testing Kit

Want the most information to choose your harvest date with confidence? Sample at first bloom and then weekly until harvest.

Our premium 5 test kit provides a comprehensive report with graphed trends over time for appropriately named samples and gives you the opportunity to begin testing weekly after first bloom. With our trend report you can watch your THC and CBD levels over time – turning data → information → knowledge. You may use these reports both to make informed decisions for this harvest and as background for next year.

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