​Whether you’re an experienced farmer diversifying your crops or a new explorer returning to Wisconsin’s agricultural roots, monitoring your hemp throughout the growing season can improve your results this year and in the future.

Choose one of our testing packages to monitor your hemp and harvest over time and use the detailed information to help you succeed through more informed decisions and prepare you for end of season testing or your bio-mass sales.


Not local to Milwaukee? No problem! Each test kit we send you will be custom packaged to match your order and include a sample collection bag and shipping materials to send your samples back to our lab.  Our instructions are sent with each test kit(s) and are clear and easy to understand. If you do not want to wait for our supplies to arrive, you can use your own and submit the necessary documents with the sample. If you would prefer to drop off in person, you can do that too! Documents are available within the shop page for you to download.

Buy, Ship, Results!

To view a copy of our hemp grower instructions, please click here.

When sending hemp plant material back to our lab, please follow the instructions as outlined by the “USPS”, here.


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