Are you considering growing hemp?

Just getting to know the landscape? Or, maybe you’re already growing and are looking for resources? We have put together some quick references for you.

State of Wisconsin resources:

The State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is responsible for the current Wisconsin hemp pilot program and conducts the final “fit for commerce” testing. They have communicated that they will only do final testing and due to the explosion of hemp crops, suggest that you give them plenty of notice regarding your expected test date.

The DATCP website has extensive resources for Wisconsin farmers: Click Here

Hemp Testing Information and Resources:

Not all testing is the same. All testers start by first separating compounds – everyone does this using a technique called Liquid Chromatography (LC).

After compounds are separated, they need to be measured (detected). For detection, the State of Wisconsin uses an expensive technique called Mass Spectrometry (MS) that enables some compounds that weren’t separated by the LC to be distinguished from each other, ensuring that the test results don’t measure NON THC compounds with the THC! At VerdaSure, we use the same technology to ensure that your THC measurement is accurate. To learn more about why MS is the BEST way to assess THC, here’s a resource: Click Here

General Hemp Knowledge:

Just looking for more information?
Here are some sources we have found interesting:
Wisconsin Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers
Value of hemp

Other Resouces: Wisconsin Industrial Hemp Production
Wisconsin Farmer: Looking at an exciting future for industrial hemp
Fox 6: A lot of trial and error

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